Holds out extremely and
releases gently

The drive face of GREY SHARK consists of unique
new plastic formulation. It makes the drive board resistant to chemicals and it almost has an unlimited service life.

The innovative geometry
of the “dual row harpoons” grants a high robustness together.

The patented laser-welding process guarantees a sealed unit of highest strength. GREY SHARK is sterilizable and autoclavable.

It is especially suitable in hygienically sensitive areas.


Due to innovative materials and production methods
GREY SHARK is manufactured environmentally compatible as well as 100 % recyclable.

Download GREY SHARK Prospekt.

Intelligent technology

for firm hold and gentle release


Highly resistant to



Use in hygienic

- sterilizable
- autoclavable


An example of environmentally friendly Gutmann technology:

The GREY SHARK drive plate


100% recyclable

Laser-welded components

– high-strength and sealed unit
– no adhesives

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