Innovative power for your cleaning tools

Gutmann is a development partner for cleaning tools. We advise you on and develop forward-looking solutions for new requirements, application concepts and machines.

Consulting for the development of new cleaning machines, systems and processes

Development and design of cleaning tools and connection technologies

Adaptation and modification of our standard products to the respective machines and systems.


Symbiosis of machine and cleaning tool

Every machine and every cleaning process only delivers the best possible cleaning results in conjunction with the optimal cleaning tool. That is why we offer our know-how in the development of new cleaning machines and processes right from the start.



New ways lead to perfect performance

New product ideas open up new markets and solutions for new applications. Our engineers realize new cleaning tools with creative approaches and competence. Developed for a perfect performance profile and under the aspects of an economical production.

Prototyping & Test Lab

From the initial idea to series production

Performance and resistance are decisive for the product success of a cleaning tool. On the way to market maturity, we manufacture near-series samples for test runs at our customers‘ sites and in our own test laboratory.