Ideas for the environment

The environment is important to us! That is why we work with innovative techniques for an environmentally friendly and resource-saving production.

Our understanding of productivity and products is the inclusion of ecological criteria from development to product delivery. We want to continuously improve the ecological impact of the materials, processes and products we use.



We are therefore working to realize the targets of the Paris Climate Agreement with consistent emission reductions before the year 2050.



With the use of recycled materials and environmentally conscious product design, we have already achieved multiple improvements towards more eco-friendly products today.

Highly efficient extraction systems have already been installed throughout our production processes in 2010. This enables us to convert production-related plastic waste back into granules, 100% of which are fed into our production processes.

We have not yet reached our goal. That is why environmental awareness and sustainability are firmly anchored principles in our development processes. We focus on a systematic reduction of CO2 emissions and work on an increased use of sustainable materials and processes in order to convince our customers with better solutions for the environment.