100 years


1922 - 2022

The Gutmann soap for the anniversary. A small homage to our early days.

Without past

no future

From the very beginning, we have devoted our energy to cleaning. In the early years also with the production of soaps.

Today, we are proud to be one of Europe‘s leading companies in the development and production of a wide variety of cleaning tools for mechanical surface cleaning.

1922 – 2022
Company history

Eugen Gutmann showed courage. He founded his company at a time of great social unrest and during hyperinflation.


With the Süddeutsche Poliermaschinenfabrik in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, he laid the foundation for our company today.


The 1920s
The Golden Twenties

The term „Golden Twenties“ has become almost a myth of this period. Although in truth the beginning and end of this decade were marked by famine and unemployment. On the other hand, there was a rather short window of time from 1924 to 1928 that does justice to this designation.


With innovative strength

into the future

In many areas of cleaning technology, with our innovations we are pioneers in the industry.


Some examples:


Commissioning of the fastest automatic brush machine at the time.


Commissioning of the world‘s first CNC-controlled bristling machine.


Introduction of the structural foam injection moulding process.


Development and market launch of the first laser-welded pad holder.


Development and market launch of a patented modular system for cleaning tools.


Development and market launch of a water- and chemical-saving cleaning tool.


Modularly constructed velcro driving disks.


Brush rollers for cleaning solar panels.


Development and market launch of the world‘s first antibacterial pad holder.


Test laboratory for disc brushes and driving disks.


Development and market launch of a hybrid system for the use of different and easily exchangeable drive faces on eccentric and orbital machines.


How will we clean tomorrow?

Will there be new technical possibilities?


We are there - come with us.