Functional and

system components

Areas of application

Accessories for cleaning equipment

-  Vacuum cleaners

-  High pressure cleaners

-  Steam cleaners

-  and others

Components and systems for special cleaning processes

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Examples of individual functional and system components for cleaning processes.

As a technology partner we realize cleaning tools for special tasks and new processes.



Our developers like to go beyond the standard designs. This results in new solutions in design and functionality.

Brush systems for integrated manual or automated functions.

Multi-component parts.

Innovative shape and colour design.

Perfect connection to the cleaning device.

Complete assembly and packaging of components and systems.

GUTMANN QUALITY for a longer service life, best performance and high cost-effectiveness.

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We develop the right cleaning tool for your equipment, machines and processes

Are you looking for a suitable system component for your device, machine or cleaning process?

Please contact us. We look forward to your challenges.