Our know-how for

many industries

As a system partner to the industry worldwide, our product portfolio offers a wide range of cleaning tools for mechanical surface cleaning.



Our products are used in a wide variety of industries with diverse cleaning tasks. We adapt standard products quickly and economically to customer-specific requirements.



Our decades of experience in many markets flow into the consultation, development and manufacture of new products. This results in innovative and marketable solutions in terms of functionality, design and cost-effectiveness.



Cleaning tools for the professional cleaning of buildings

Our products fit cleaning machines and robots with rotating or oscillating drive systems. Developed for all floor types and cleaning tasks.


For more market advantages and extended benefits, we offer e.g., water-saving, antibacterial and modular or hybrid cleaning tools.

Disk brushes


Oscillating cleaning tools


Drive disks / plates



Cleaning tools for

Outdoor cleaning machines

Our product range includes cleaning tools that robustly clean and clear. The type and arrangement of filling material can be selected for a wide variety of applications.


We develop the appropriate connection technologies or adapt ready-made customer solutions.

Sweeping brushes


Side brooms


Cylinder brushes



Brushes and accessories for cleaning equipment in the private sector

For this market segment we offer a wide range of innovations, complex designs and systems. We develop and produce customized solutions for conventional devices and cleaning robots. On customer request we supply complete system components.

Functional and system components


Antibacterial cleaning tools in healthcare and pharmaceutical areas

For hygienically sensitive areas we offer cleaning tools with antibacterial function. For example, for mechanical floor cleaning, an antibacterial drive disk for all commercially available pads.

Antibac drive disk



Brushes for solar and photovoltaic cleaning

The cleaning of solar and photovoltaic systems pays off from the smallest degree of contamination. Gutmann has developed cleaning tools for this purpose that sensitively pick up the finest dirt particles.

Cylinder brushes


Brushes for cleaning processes in manufacturing

Within a manufacturing process, we solve a wide variety of cleaning tasks. For example, for conveyor belts and surfaces or for cleaning of products.


With the development of special cleaning tools and the adaptation of standard products we offer economical and innovative solutions.








Cleaning tools for the food industry

In addition to products for floor cleaning of hygienically sensitive production areas, we develop specific cleaning tools for versatile cleaning processes in the production flow.

Antibac drive disk

Strip brushes

Cylinder brushes


Stenter frames for Textile processing

We currently offer the world‘s largest range of overfeed and postpinning brushes for stenter frames in textile finishing.


This also includes cleaning brushes for needle, clip and chain cleaning.

Stenter brushes