Cylinder brushes
Photovoltaic and solar cleaning

Areas of application

Wet or dry cleaning of photovoltaic and solar panels

Manually and mechanically operated systems

Use of special fibres to avoid scratch marks on sensitive glass surfaces.

Matched fill patterns for optimal cleaning.

Product data sheet

Extremely smooth run due to balanced body design and highest production quality.

Lightweight construction.

High mechanical cleaning performance due to strong line load.

On request with integrated, steady shower feed.

Matched fill patterns for optimal cleaning.

Suitable for high speeds.

High self-cleaning effect due to appropriate arrangement of bristles.

(Prevention of surface damage due to dirt particles).

GUTMANN QUALITY for a longer service life, best performance and high economic efficiency.

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Technical data

Overall dimension


 ≤ 1200 mm / – / –


≤ 400 mm



 ≤ 250 mm

Wall thickness

6 - 20 mm




Solid rods, hollow rods or injection-moulded bodies made of all common thermoplastics, such as PP polypropylenes, PE polyethylenes, PS polystyrenes, ABS acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymers, PA polyamides, POM polyoxy- methylenes/polyacetals and wood composites


All basic colours, as well as many common colours, special colours possible

Shower feed

Integrated shower feed possible


Fill Materials

PP, PA6, PA6.6, PA6.10, PA6.12, PET, PBT,  variety of animal hair and bristles as well as plant fibres

Density of brush pattern

Light, medium, dense

Brush pattern

Linear, spiral, single-row, double-row, chevron, W-shaped, double helix, zig-zag, segmented


Very soft, soft, medium, hard


All common colours, special colours possible



Integrated bearing, external bearing, positive drive, internal drive


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