The hybrid system for flexible pad adhesion

The hybrid BEAR system enables the highest flexibility and serviceability of eccentric and orbital machines.

The use of different pad holders opens up new possibilities. The machine can be adapted quickly and efficiently to the required pad.

In the event of servicing and compared to a conventionally glued drive face the HYBRID Bear pad holder can be replaced in seconds.

The non-slip system guarantees an absolutely secure hold even at the highest frequencies as well as the loss-free transmission of vibrations from the machine to the cleaning pad.

Download HYBRID BEAR Prospekt.

Intelligent technology 

For a firm hold and gentle release of the pads


Durable quality

Highly resistant to chemicals



Highly service friendly

Quick and easy replacement
of drive face


HYBRID BEAR pad holder for different pads

Pad holder WHITE with innovative hook geometry for all standard floor cleaning pads

Padholder BLACK with fine mushroom shaped micro studs for pad backs with dense texture or velour backing

We are happy to develop further special drive faces for individual applications.


Firmly bonded to the machine, the HYBRID BEAR CARRIER
ensures a stable hold of the HYBRID BEAR pad holders,
which can be easily exchanged in case of wear or a
different application. 

The HYBRID BEAR pad holders

Effortlessly anchored to the CARRIER the pad holders guarantee a secure hold and drive of the cleaning pads.

Optionally also available for direct bonding to the eccentric/orbital plate.

Standard cleaning pad

Cleaning pads with dense texture or velour back

Drive plate of the eccentric or orbital machine

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