Protects the environment, saves resources

Saves up to 25% water and cleaning chemicals.

By means of an intelligent bristle architecture, with the CLEANSTER technology we have created the possibility to use environmentally friendly cleaning tools.


As the first product with CLEANSTER technology, we have launched a scrubbing brush for mechanical floor cleaning.

The CLEANSTER scrubbing brush with an intelligent double bristle function prevents the cleaning solution from being ejected out of the effective area of the brush disk.


An outstanding cleaning result is achieved. Stiff filaments remove stubborn dirt, while fine filaments perform precision work and are effective even in the smallest cavities.

By using CLEANSTER, manufacturers improve the sustainability of their machines and reduce the labour costs of their customers. This is because CLEANSTER cleans up to 25% more surface area in less time.

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Time saving

Reduces time spent filling and emptying the machine



Higher area output


Saves up to 25% water


An example of the innovative CLEANSTER technology:

The CLEANSTER disk brush

Environment 1

Noticeably reduces cleaning chemicals



Environment 2

Brush body made of recycled plastic

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