The new laser-welded pad drive disk generation with previously unachieved technical properties.

The Pad Disk Drive RED SHARK is a development which once and for all eliminates all disadvantages of previous pad drive disks. RED SHARK is absolutely resistant to stress, protects the pads, and revolutionises the costs of the cleaning process.

Gutmann RED SHARK - fully leak-proof Gutmann RED SHARK - vollflächig dicht

The harpoon drive face is sealed to the drive disk by a peripherally welded seam over the surface. Furthermore, all functionally relevant penetrations are welded so that the RED SHARK is the first 100 percent dust and water-tight pad drive disk.
There is no opportunity for dirt and bacteria to form under the harpoon drive face. Universal deployment of RED SHARK when workplaces are switched and in hygienically sensitive application areas.

  • + laser-welded connection
  • + completely recyclable
  • + completely free of adhesives
  • + autoclavable without difficulty 

RED SHARK datasheet

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