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Standard pad drive disk

Standard pad drive disk with harpoon drive face, various bristled versions, with or without centre lock for diverse applications and machine types.

Gutmann Standard pad drive disk

Worldwide novelty – the Gutmann MODULAR SYSTEM

The perfect combination of commercial and ecological considerations

The idea was to save valuable resources by the long-term multiple use of a separate coupling module. The MODULAR SYSTEM pad drive disk is manufactured with significantly reduced materials and can thus be offered at a very attractive price.

The MODULAR SYSTEM coupling is deployed with a form-fitted connection with the MODULAR SYSTEM pad drive disk. An absolutely play-free connection guarantees the stability of the MODULAR SYSTEM and is in no way inferior to a conventional pad drive disk.

If a MODULAR SYSTEM pad drive disk has to be replaced, then the complete pad drive disk including valuable coupling elements need not be disposed as was customary in the past.

Ordered once to fit your floor-cleaning machine, the MODULAR SYSTEM coupling makes it possible to use all pad drive disk variants suitable for your machine type.

The MODULAR SYSTEM is available for our bristle-equipped standard pad drive disk as well as the pad drive disk BLACK HARPOON with the black harpoon drive face.

To compensate possible differences in height we offer MODULAR SYSTEM adapters specially made to level this out.

We recommend using a center lock to secure the fixation of the pads on the pad drive disk.


The new laser-welded pad drive disk generation with previously unachieved technical properties.


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