Gutmann - PP-Recycling

Environmental protection

Starting with the development of new products, we ensure that the materials employed conform to resource conservation considerations. The use of environment-compatible production technologies is part of our environmental management. In all areas of our company, we are moreover continually working toward the improvement of our environmental balance sheet.

Granulate recycling

Many tons of grist accrue annually in the production of injection-moulded components. In the past, there was only a limited possibility of recycling in the production process due to the high proportion of fine dust in the grist.

Today, the use of the latest state-of-the-art technologies allows us to include valuable recycled raw materials into the material flow within our production processes. The materials recycled in this way have unaltered physical properties and can thus be reintroduced into the production cycle without reservation.

Our practical experience has been extremely convincing:
very low fault quotas, less material consumption, stable production processes.

Optimal recycling has significantly improved Gutmann's environmental protection performance and environmental waste balance sheet.