Disk brushes

For the most diverse machine types and applications. Available with various fill materials, such as natural bristles, plastic fibres, and abrasive bristles in all the usual grit sizes.

Gutmann Disk brushes


The first antibacterial drive board


Over 99.9% effective

  • - for all hygiene-sensitive areas
  • - reduces the risk of contamination
  • - laser-welded components
  • - 100% recyclable

The situation of the last few months has made us all aware of how important hygiene is as a protection against the spread of pathogens. As the innovation leader in cleaning brushes, we have therefore pushed full steam ahead with the development of an antibacterial drive board.

The new ORANGE TIGER is the world's first drive board whose components are equipped with an antibacterial function and whose effectiveness has been confirmed in laboratory tests to be over 99.9%.

The danger of contamination of rooms and buildings by germs and bacteria, which adhere to conventional drive boards and jump over the pad to the floor, is thus virtually eliminated.

The Gutmann ORANGE TIGER is the perfect tool wherever sensitive cleaning is required and hygiene assurance is paramount.

Scarifying brushes

For cleaning extremely soiled concrete floors. Also available with bronze wire for working in explosion-proof spaces.

Gutmann Scarifying brushes